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Ill Manors was released today and like no other film before I had truley been counting down to see this.  Having seen the music video and Ben Drew aka Plan Bs TED talk I just knew this film was going to be something else and it was defo something else because here I am blogging about it and I hardly blog these days!

I’m not sure where to start from but I’ll start of with the location. Forest Gate.

I live in East Ham, about 10 minutes away from where the film is set. On a personal level I had great fun spotting my home town and locations but also because these estates are around me and the characters in this film might be fictional but the sad reality is people like them do exist in our society. They are all around us and are voiceless and if anyone remembers the riots happened last summer but it seems we have forgot about it already. Hopefully this film puts those issues back on the agenda.

I really hope this is Plan Bs start to his directing career. The man is ever so talented and kind of fits my master of all trades debate. We don’t need to box ourselves in, all we need to do is find a passion and follow it and you will succeed.

From a very media/tecky perspective. I just LOVED the cinematography of the film, the way it was cut, the use of mobile footage, the use of home videos and then most importantly the soundtracks really do intervene it together nicely. In a way this film can be seen as a bit of a hip hop musical. But it is not cheese fest, i I can’t wait for the album to come out because each track tells story of the individual character.

The Individual characters were great but what I loved is there is no evil vs good narrative here. What we see are people stuck in a trap.  They face moral dilemmas, and whatever they do they do to get by. Ill manors has lots of different characters and the stories all intervine with a sound track narrated by Plan B. It is not your conventional film and as we get to know the history of each of the individual characters and their personal stories we get to understand the motto of the film even more “We are all products of our environment… Some environments are just harder to survive in.” 

My personal favourite character is Aaron played by Riz Ahmed. Aaron is great, his not evil, and you can see his very conflicted with all the actions he has to take to survive in the hood. He dont’t want to go down this path but it is the path that he knows best. In a way I’d call Aaron the Hero, his not a good guy but his the guy your most likely to cheer on for as you see him struggle with himself and feel ever so sorry for him. I also loved Anoska Mond who plays Michelle a “Crack Whore”. A lot of the people in the films are unknowns but that is what I think is amazing about it. The youngest character in that film is played by a boy found at the school my older brother teaches in. In the TED talk Plan B basiclally goes how picking out talent from the area his able to give these young people a boost and a craft to work on and to sort themselves out.

Yes this film is fiction, but in a way it is a project, a project for Plan B to generally help the people from the area he grew up in, let that be giving them a part in the film or simply being the voice for them, his also hoping to set up a fund that can help and work on these young people. The biggest thing that stuck out to me in his TED talk was the idea of adopting a young person to mentor them. I’m a co-creator of new charity Spark and Mettle where in a way 13 of us have been on it’s pilot program where the aim is to help  us to flourish in our careers and life. In my case, I’m working class, I come from a deprived area and my parents are not professionals, so I have no connections to kick of a media career so the aim of the charity is to give us a leg up in achieving our dreams. Unlike people in the film though I’ve had a very stable upbringing but the leg up is still needed for someone like me so for a characters from this film need much more work then just extra money from the government. What they need is a role model which I think Plan B addresses really well in any interviews he has given. A role model don’t have to be a father or a brother a role model can be YOU. If you are a profesional or even semi-profesional person or someone who is just great and can just go out and give a young person just a bit of your time, work on their passions and most of all believe in them. Anything is possible.




I read these two articles recently and it had me very confused:

So should you be a master of all trades or a jack of one?
Here are my thoughts on it and let me know what you think!
Also followed by an update in my job finding misson and a tip!

First Video of my new  youtube project…



Jobs Jobs Jobs

I can’t believe it is term three already.  So I’m going to set myself a task this term which is related to this weeks homework. I’m going to try and write these blogs grammatically correct and stop being lazy and imagine this is an assessment. 

Out of all terms for me personally this is the most important. As I’ve finished uni and i’m now waiting to graduate and have stared to apply to jobs. 

I’m very lucky to have Eugenie as a mentor and friend because having someone to look over your application and providing feedback is a real privilege and one that us co-creators should really appreciate. 

So two weeks in how is the job applying process going?

Well for me it is slow. Very slow. I take forever and I’ve submitted three applications and will be working on my fourth this weekend. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not sure where I want to go anymore but what I do know is I see myself as a creative!

So here are five areas that tickle my fancy….

1) Broadcast Journalism/ Documentary: I’m interested in factual stories that effect real people.

2) Social Media: So I am a self confessed social media geek and hugely interested in communication with audiences. 

3) NGO Communication sector: I love helping people and if I could work for a charity promoting all the good work they do. That would be awesome

4) Educational media content: I feel this is the matching of my two passions which are young people and the media. Departments I’m interested in C4 Education and BBC Schools.

4) Events managing: I do like the buzz or seeing and event come to life from that concept in your head to something that people enjoy.

So as you can see i’m all over the place really, I’m not sure what to do a skills gap analysis in but this is what I get for broadcast journalism:

Here are the gaps…

1) using portable digital video (DV) cameras 

2) writing scripts for bulletins, headlines and reports which adhere to legal and contractual guidelines;

1) I might have done a media and communication degree but the working behind the camera has never really been my thing.  Looking back, I wish I took time to really learn how to shoot. I’m ok filming my own stuff like I do for youtube but I do think especially these days when you are expected to do everything yourself it is quite a flaw. 

2) Writing: This is mainly got to do with my grammar issues. 

However I believe I can showcase these skills…

1) Researching

2) Making contacts, following a lead.

3) Confident enough to generate my own ideas, and make important decisions like what stories to follow and what to scrap, decided the running order etc.

4) Confident enough to present and report and interview people. 

Another job that I’m really interested in is Content Development (I will be working on this application this weekend!)

  • The applicant must have excellent numerical and analytical skills and be comfortable working with and analysing large quantities of data
  • You will be taught how to use various industry research tools such as BARB and TGI, but any experience in this area and/or market research in general will be an advantage
  • The applicant should be confident, able to work independently and to tight deadlines, have strong written and verbal communication skills and an ability to manage projects from conception through to presentation of results
  • A strong interest in TV and media in general
  • An understanding of key social media sites (Twitter and Facebook in particular) and how Channel 4 uses them to interact with viewers.

This is what I would showcase if I was to get to the interview stage. 

1) I have great analytical skills as I worked as the democracy representation assistant and part of my job was to analyse and see the trends in the reports. Also my dissertation meant I had lots of data to analyse!

2) I don’t have direct market research experience however I am a quick learner.

3) I’m quite confident so I have great verbal skills and decent writing skills. I have lots of experience in project management and have plenty of times took something from conception to delivery. 

4) I have a huge intrest in TV and media.

5) Complete social media nerd.

Now I just need to go work on this application….



Working on the assessment and….

well I’ve been really bad this term! 

I’m gutted I did not follow through on lots of activities which at the time seemed so excited and fun.. this term though has been stupid hectic and I had to prioritise. 

I wanted however to answer these two questions…

  • What is your purpose in life

My purpose in life is to play my positive part in helping the world go around. I do have the save the world personality but I’m no superhero but what I do know is I want to make positive change it don’t matter how small or big it is. I want to play my part. 

  • What is a good life?

A good life for me is a life where you enjoy it. It don’t matter how poor or rich you are but you are loved and love others. It’s a life that is shared with others with family and friends cuz to me they are both important and I’m happy to compromise on certain dreams etc if it means I have everyone by my side and their support. 



So I got to shadow a documentary in process!

Was very posh. On top of the oxo tower with lovely views of the Southbank! Basically got to hear about Euginie and Cherry in their crazy twenties and single life! Yeap I easedropped on their conversation and so did the camerman! Hopefully it makes the final cut!

PS: Got to have super fast quick chat with Cherry which I filmed :)

Catch up Time…

·      What is your definition of collaboration?

My definition is when you actually when you bring 2 ideas or more together and mix and match them to create something new. That way your working with someone and making something together that to me is a collaboration. Like when an artist sings a song and he or she gets a rapper to jump on it. That is a collaboration as they mix it up a bit and make something new.

·      What is your definition of cooperation?

     Cooperation to me is when you just get on with it. You work with someone even if you might not agree with the idea. An example I gave was say if your working in a newsroom and they choose to lead with a story that you don’t really think you should be the first story as a) it might disagree with your own personal politics or b) it might be a celeb story that makes you go seriously? You can’t make the decision, you can try and persuade them otherwise but you got to corporate as well its your job and get on with it.

·      In terms of cooperation and collaboration right now, where do your strengths lie? I say my strengths lie with collaboration the past big things i’ve done my multicultural event and my final year documentary is all been mixing many ideas together and coming up with great outcomes. I do know how to cooperate but prob something I need to work on more.

·      Thinking about what you want to achieve in the future, what do you need to change about how you cooperate or collaborate with others?

     With Collaboration I think i sometimes might need to take a step back cuz I do tend to lead things alot and dominate which may make other people slightly shy



Really inspiring talk…



In terms of control
I’d say I have the most control over my friends/family/religion
However time at the moment is so tight that they are seeing less and less of me. 
As you can see dissertation and documentary are my life at the moment and are eating up my time the most, something I don’t have much control over as I got to do it well pass my degree!

(Not sure I’ve done this right but hey I thought I’d try do the homework for once as I’ve been pretty crap with spark and mettle homework this term too!) x

In terms of control

I’d say I have the most control over my friends/family/religion

However time at the moment is so tight that they are seeing less and less of me. 

As you can see dissertation and documentary are my life at the moment and are eating up my time the most, something I don’t have much control over as I got to do it well pass my degree!

(Not sure I’ve done this right but hey I thought I’d try do the homework for once as I’ve been pretty crap with spark and mettle homework this term too!) x



Awesome Convo With A Profesional!

(First of all I am so crap at my spark and mettle homework this term, I will catch up eventually, so so sorry!)

Anyway I was put in touch with Kate Ryder a freelance journalist for The Economist. Who was just soo soo awesome!

I met up with her and first of all she didn’t let me pay for hot chocolate or my chocolate croissant! We spoke about all sorts. She told me all about how she got to the place she is now. How she’s always wanted it and how shes moved across the world etc for jobs and also how she has had to compromise for other things in life. I think the best advice I got was about how to well protect your ideas. If it’s a very basic idea that someone else prob has brewing in their head too. Then its good to go write a blog about it or try get it  out there so you have something to link to when you want to go pitch that idea.  Or if it really is that groundbreaking story then keep hush hush and only share with your editor or someone you know that can help with it.

Other stuff was though I said oh my other path is is internal communications. It’s prob best to avoid PR as its the total opposite of what a journalist tries to do. So its best to maybe go down a specialist career politics or political stuff eg: for me

She is also going to put me in touch with one of her friend who is a pakistani journalist who works for the DAWN newspaper in pakistan which will be very interesting.

SO yeah was proper awesome and enjoyed it.

Thank You Spark and Mettle!